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How laser hair removal work?
Laser hair removal is the use of laser energy to produce long-term hair reduction. This is accomplished by producing heat in the hair, which is transferred to the hair follicle, which in-turn produces inflammation, and this inflammation sends a signal to the hair follicle to go into the resting (telogen) phase.

What is a laser, really?
First of all, what is a laser? A laser is a device that produces light of a single color or wavelength. In dermatology, these lasers produce pulses of high-energy light that is taken up by the desired target. In the case of hair removal, the target is the melanin pigment contained within the hair shaft.

A delicate balance
The tricky part of laser hair removal is targeting the hair shaft without damaging the melanin pigment in the surface of the skin. Thus the laser light has to be on long enough to heat the hair, but not too long to allow that heat to spread to the surrounding skin causing damage. In addition, the darker a patientís skin, the more difficult it is to avoid injuring the surface of the skin while treating the hair. For this reason, there are three main types of hair removal lasers that are used today, and depending on the thickness of the hair and the color of the skin, one laser may provide benefits as compared to another.

When Performing Laser Hair Removal, Experience Matters
In addition to lasers, intense pulsed light sources are also used for hair removal. These light sources do not emit a single color or wavelength of light, but emit light containing many colors. It may be more difficult to predict the outcome and avoid complications when using light sources that contain many wavelengths of light. However, the results with any device depend upon the experience of the practitioner.

How many treatments?
Normally, a series of three to five treatments are administered at four to eight week intervals depending upon the location of the hair. Following the initial series of treatments, subsequent treatments are administered, usually at longer and longer intervals. Some number of maintenance of treatments may be needed to keep all the hair away in a given area. After a single treatment, the hair in a given area is usually reduced in amount and thickness for a very long period of time. However, it may not be completely gone. To keep an area completely devoid of hair, maintenance treatments are always required. These maintenance treatments may eventually be required at only yearly intervals or even longer. This depends on the area being treated as well as the individual. As with any other traits in an individual, the frequency of maintenance treatments varies considerably from person to person.

Before and After Photos of Laser Hair Removal Patients

Before having laser hair removal performed to remove your unwanted hair and enhance your beauty, it's important to see what you may expect from the procedure. The investment in laser hair removal can been significant and the cost of laser hair removal requires that one know what to expect. Below are photos of actual laser hair removal patients. These laser hair removal photos are of patients before and after treatment. The results presented in these laser hair removal photos do not necessary reflect what you may experience.

Back Hair Removal Before    Back Hair Removal After

Back laser hair removal of adult male, six months after three treatments.

Arm Hair Removal Before    Arm Hair Removal After

Adult female with moderate arm hair, after one treatment

Upper Lip Hair Removal Before    Upper Lip Hair Removal After

Middle Aged Woman with dense hair around upper lip, one treatment session

Leg Hair Removal Before    Leg Hair Removal After

Middle Aged Man with average leg hair, after one session

Back Laser Hair Removal Before    Back Laser Hair Removal After

Adult Male with dense back hair, three treatments

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Before    Underarm Laser Hair Removal After

Young Adult Female with average, shaved underarm hair, after one treatment

Facial Hair Removal Before    Facial Hair Removal After

Middle Aged Male with thick beard and ingrown hairs, after one treatment    

Laser Hair Removal

Lip and Chin                             Series of Five Treatments                      $350

Face and Neck                          Series of Five Treatments                     $600

Arms Upper and Lower            Series of Five Treatments                       $750

Under Arms (Axilla)                 Series of Five Treatments                       $350

Chest and Abdomen                  Series of Five Treatments                    $1250

Back Upper and Lower             Series of Five Treatments                   $1250

Legs Upper and Lower              Series of Five Treatments                   $1000

Bikini                                         Series of Five Treatments                    $750

Whole Body                               Series of Five Treatments                  $4500




(Pore Reducer, Acne Scarring , Fine Lines and Wrinkles,Redness /Rosacea)   $150

Series of Six                                                                                                      $750

Skin Tightening(Titan)               Series of Three Treatments                              $1500

Photo Facial(IPL)                                                                                             $200

Series of Three                                                                                                 $500

Laser Spider Vein Removal                                                                              $395

Series of Three                                                                                               $1000

 MICRODERMABRASION                                                                            $120


With Skin Infusion                      Series of Four Treatments                              $400


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                      All treatment are done by a Medical Doctor and a Registered Nurse.