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Programs and Services:  

Raw Food - Living Foods Lifestyle
Lifestyle Basics:
Discover what constitutes the Living Foods LifestyleŽ, the philosophy of self-reliance 

  Boot Camp Basics:  
"Boot camp workouts remain extremely popular because they provide a total-body workout that's varied, fun and challenging


Colon care:
The colon is a major channel of elimination. Enemas cleanse the colon and increase the body's ability to release toxins as well as absorb nutrients from your food.

Digestive system:
Learn how your food is broken down and assimilated as it passes through the body as well as which foods help digestion and which foods inhibit digestion.

Dehydration lab:
Dehydrating food preserves enzymes and creates delicious treats that can satisfy cravings for cooked foods like crackers and cookies. Experiment with dehydration and take home your creation

Food combining:
Different foods require different enzymes and different pH levels in the digestive process. Learn the optimal way to digest foods by avoiding mixing certain foods in the same meal.

Our thoughts and attitudes can affect our physical health. Learn techniques to harness the power of positive thinking.

Value of wheatgrass:
Discover the benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice for healing and rejuvenation and learn how to use wheatgrass juice implants to restore balance to the colon.

Conscious eating:
Quoting the words of an Arabian teacher, "By eating we become sick. By digesting, we become healthy." Our instructors teach that the body and mind should be relaxed before and during the process of digesting foods. In doing this, we learn to eat with our whole selves, lovingly. Not distracted by television, books or talk, we focus on breathing, chewing, and the affirmation, "everything we eat creates health and harmony within us

Breathing / relaxation techniques:
Learn breathing techniques to assist in the healing process, and relaxation techniques to relieve stress and facilitate healing.

Skin / body care:
Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Discover how skin brushing aids in elimination of body waste. Learn how to use food to cleanse and nourish the skin.

This simple form of exercise burns calories, trims the body, and stimulates circulation of the lymphatic system.

Introduction to meditation:
Meditation has been medically proven to facilitate healing, reduce stress, and alleviate depression. Learn meditation techniques and participate in a group guided meditation.


Arriving Monday night ,living Sunday morning depend on flight schedule.

Small groups beween 4 to 6 people each program.


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