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 Life Coach Counselor

Harley Alden  Branitz  MS. CAC,  is a Life Coach and Counselor, who has practiced in these fields for 22 years. His areas of specialty include, weight loss, depression, anxiety, and recovery from traumas. He has lectured and given workshops in NYC and all the boroughs for the past 20 years.   

Educational Advocate

As a Special Educator and Advocate for students Harley Alden  Branitz, holds license’s  as Principal and District Superintendent,  from NY State.  Having recently retired from his full time position as an advocate   with the NYC Department of Education for the past 33 years he  remains an  educational advocate for children and students in schools, particularly  for parents  of  students who require special education services. 

Primal Healing/Trauma and Addictions Healing

Harley Alden Branitz MS, CAC, is a practicing Primal Therapist for the past 22 Years.

Primal therapy is a therapeutic approach to heal from codependency, depression anxiety, addictions, and traumas.

 Because of childhood traumas, dysfunctional families and life's challenges, we often cope by repressing powerful feelings in our bodies, which can cause many emotional difficulties that affect our lives and cause addictions, depression anxiety and codependency.

Within a safe therapeutic environment, , Harley Branitz, serves as a witness, for you to uncover feelings and memories that  are causing both physical pain and illness and emotional pain and illness. Therapeutic techniques, such as closing ones eyes and being brought back to events of the past can unlock body feelings that have been repressed but need to be unlocked and voiced through this healing therapeutic approach. 

Private sessions  and group sessions available.

Brooklyn and Manhattan offices.
Cell: 646- 772- 0755
, Office:718-627-Diet