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Carol J.Adams...psychic intuitive 

Life is a healing journey with the foods we eat, our daily exercise and the cleansing of our emotional toxins.  Emotional healing enhances our inner beauty along with our outer essence. 

My psychic and intuitive practice uses the tools of astrology and the tarot for your concerns and forecasts and guides you for a healthier and enlightened journey.  The day, month and year defines your personality profile.  I help you understand any problem or difficulty that you may have in any type of relationship.  Your total birthdate reveals a lot about how you tick!  I can guide you with your ideal traits of a mate, how you need to be loved, the potential of a loyal or unfaithful partner and the type of communication that is needed and much more.  I intuitively feel all about you in a couple of minutes, with all of the signs in the planets. 

I guide you, with your total birthdate, the total you, in any type of relationship, romance, business, employee, relative or friend.  I WANT TO GET TO THE ROOT OF ANY PROBLEM! 

The tarot delves and heals emotional concerns.  Most people consult the tarot for questions concerning love, finance, family, friends or changes of conditions.  I interpret the tarot cards and guide you thru any fears of the unknown, restraints and insecurities. Each tarot card speaks to me and I interpret the intensity of the feelings. The client learns to become more self confident and enlightened with their issues and moves forward with their life. I combine spirituality, psychology and practicality.  

I have counseled over 3000 people worldwide in my practice and I have been seen on television and listened to on radio.  When we have faith with ourselves, we can overcome all obstacles. 


Thank you for being my shining light and the angel on my shoulder.  You have assisted me Carol in many countless ways.  Thank you for being the voice that connects me to my quiet voice.  Your are indeed a blessingl K,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ohio 

Your wisdom never ceases to amaze me!  You play a strong role in so many peoples lives. May you continure your journey with love and peace.
J........................New Jersey

Your are so talented.  You are so talented!  I talk to psychics and nobody is as good as you.  Nobody is as accurate as you.  They may hit and miss, but you are consistently accurate.  I'll speak to you later on and see what the master says.


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